Short and Sweet.. in You Jesus

In times of need, You always provide.
In times of abundance, You remind.

In times of joy, in You we are filled.
In times of sorrow, in You we yield.

Fear and doubt may rise up in our midst
But there’s a Victor, who for us, bleed.

Sweet Jesus to You, our Great Delight
Humbly we lay down our lows and heights.

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One Honest Prayer from the Heart

A heart where You rule and reign
A heart that beats only for You
A heart that seeks to please You
A heart that is after Your own heart

Jeremiah 29: 13

“And you will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart”.

A promise that really touched my heart.

A promise that I’ve taken hold of especially at times when I knew I had nurtured the callousness of my heart.

This stubborn, stubborn heart that had swayed from Your path countless of times.

A heart that, despite its rebellious nature, cries for freedom and salvation; desiring for deliverance from its stiff-necked, sinful nature.

A heart that is too weak to fight its desire for this world.

A heart that is too proud and selfish to admit that it wants You above anything else.

And yet..

..when this heart remembers this staggering promise.. remembers that the only reason where it is right now is only because of You

and not because of its own efforts.. is humbled down, and seeks after its Maker and Lover earnestly..

So Lord Jesus.. take the callousness, take the stubbornness, the procrastinating spirit and the tendency to drift away…

This heart wants You to take them away

This heart wants You to help it deny itself and shun away from the worldly pleasures that is fleeting and empty and leaves it in despair in the end.

This hearts admits it needs You

This heart admits that it wants to come back to You

To that season when it can recognize and quiver whenever it hears Your voice as its only Shepherd

This heart wants that

Because that is the only place this heart is filled with exceedingly great joy and is fully fully satisfied.

Change this heart Oh Lord God

Nothing is impossible with You

No callousness nor stubbornness can separate this heart from You and from Your love

Make this heart pure

A heart that fixes its vision of You and to You

A heart that hates to sin and flees from sin at all cost

A heart that is not divided but determined

A heart where You rule and reign

A heart that beats only for You

A heart that is after Your own heart

-from 22 March 2018 Devotions

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