1. i am in Good Hands! (Secured Forever)
  2. Frienship is a Relationship!
  3. Israel: A new name; a new beginning
  5. Face the Giant of your life.
  6. YOU are an ever-present HELP!
  7. Put Pen to Paper!!!
  8. A Mighty Mountain?
  9. Jehovah Shammah
  10. God is good all the time, and all the time, God is good.
  11. Knowing God: Choose Willingness Over Readiness
  12. Weight Loss and My Relationship with God
  13. Death Where is Your Sting
  14. “I AM Stubborn, Moses!”
  15. Trust
  16. Rise Up and Walk.
  17. Life of a Christian
  18. Failure: A positive note!
  19. Take My Life and Let It Be
  20. The Linkbridge of Matthew
  21. Be Still
  22. Thank You, God for my Distinction!💞
  23. Jesus Take the Wheel
  24. Grace in a flower in a crack in a pavement
  25. Reclaiming the Magic
  26. “In God’s will, by Faith!”

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