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Take My Life and Let It Be

by Ernie Rettino & Debby Kerner Rettino Take my life And let it be consecrated, Lord, to Thee; Take my hands And let them move At the pulse of Thy love; At the impulse of Thy love. Take my feet And let them be swift And beautiful for Thee; Take my voice And let me…

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Life of a Christian

We can’t blame people who tagged Christians as hypocrites. They don’t even know what they are saying. Love them anyway. They do not understand that Christianity is a life-time process. It grows. It blossoms. It functions. It is an organism. Life of a Christian mature.

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1 This life is yours Lord take it all My knees to fall Yours 2 This heart is yours Lord take control My mind and soul Yours C You overwhelm You overcome Your power reveals what You planned You hold my destiny Your will be done Your kingdom come On earth as You reign over…

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“I AM Stubborn, Moses!”

So with Moses. He was stubborn to listen and undertand what God had planned Him to do. He is Stubborn to deliver it, BUT God's Love is more than Stubborn to deliver and make it happen for Israelites and even to us, in our lives. If Moses is Stubborn, God is telling him, "I AM Stubborn, Moses!". 

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Anthem of My Heart

Holy and righteous is Your name, Oh God! Marvelous  and wonderful are Your works. In nature I always see Your beauty. I’m truly amazed at Your handiwork.   My confidence is in Your goodness. My soul rests upon Your lovingkindness. Your peace overflows in my little heart. I completely trust in Your faithfulness.   You never…

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