A New Job During COVID-19 Outbreak – A Testimony

In the beginning of 2019, I have been praying for a job that will not just be a source of provision but a place where He will let me “sit beside quiet waters”.

I can vividly remember the day when God dropped me a date “March 17”. During that time I was asking God about the significance of the message I received and His reply was, “Trust Me and wait patiently.” March 17, 2019 came and nothing happened so I told myself that maybe the message was not supposed to be for me but was meant to be released on other people.

Days passed by until the calendar flips into another year – 2020. I received a phone call from an HR Manager in another company and was asking me if I am available for an interview. Right at that very moment, I was so puzzled because I cannot remember sending any application to that specific company. What puzzled me even more was the remark of the HR Manager when I asked where did she get my number and she said that someone recommended me to them for that position. That elevated my wondering even more!

So I prayed and asked God during that lunch time if I should go for it. There are a lot of worries and hesitations deep within me that time, and it seems to be that I cannot hear God at that very moment. “Old Comfort” was so resounding that a new opportunity should not be considered. But there is a big urge inside of me to go. It was very timely that our Pastor Christie [our dear Pastor in HOPE Filipino Congregation] was sharing about Joshua and Caleb spying the promise land which God promised to be “flowing in milk and honey”. When they return to the wilderness after seeing the land, they brought back good news! It was the first confirmation.

Pressing on prayer, God reminded me that I have been praying for a job last year but passively turning it down because of some obligations I have to meet for my family – so any chance to be jobless should not be an option for me. Then, He reminded me a memory of me praying for a new job during the teaching about the prayer of Jabez during the Leaders Camp 2019 – He has heard my prayers.

January 16 – I went down for interview. I was excited and full of expectation. I was like Caleb marching towards that office expecting what God has promised. After the interview, the HR Manager told me that she will call me if I have been short listed and set schedule for the final interview. The office ambiance was very peaceful and the people are cheerful and very welcoming. The receptionist even asked me if I want a cup of coffee while waiting for the interviewer.

The news about COVID-19 outbreak in Singapore (where I am working) and whole world spread and caused great fear to everyone. It has a lot of implications in the economy that can caused work retrenchments up to closing of small businesses. A low economy may mean a hard time to get pass approval in Singapore. But I was surprised at how God moved in the middle of all of these things happening!

January 23 – The HR Manager called me and asking for some details because she has been processing my pass application. I was so surprised about the news! I cannot describe that moment but I was so thankful to God and merely laughing at how silly I was not to trust His words.

February 3 – The pass was successfully applied and pending for MOM approval.

February 16 – The pass was approved by MOM. I tendered my resignation the following day.

February 25 – I officially signed the contract. I will be working Mondays to Fridays (office hours) with a favourable salary and allowances, with sufficient number of annual leave for family time and mission trips, with sufficient benefits to cover me as an employee. I underwent medical check up.

February 27 – The result of medical check up was released and I am fit for work.

March 17 – My last day at workplace. For me, this was the promised date of the Lord. The same as when He promised Joshua and Caleb that they will step into the promise land.

March 23 – I will report for work.

Daily Living

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I thought my life was fine flowing based on my plans and will until He has changed the road i am travelling into the road that leads to Him – along that way I met Jesus.

A self-centred life became God-centred as I learned to honour and to devote myself to the One who has endured it all to save a wretch like me.

I am a favoured engineer by God at work, but serves as a Sunday School teacher (a builder) at Hope Church Singapore (in His Kingdom). It is because I see the value of reaching out the kids at their young age for Jesus.

To share testimonies on how God is changing me into whom He wanted me to be is one of the encouragement I can tell the world, but it is He who should gain the honour. Apart from him I have no good things.

I spread the seeds, some may water it but it is only God who can make it grow.

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