S-A-L-T !

Matthew 5:13

“You are like Salt for the whole human race. But if salt loses it’s saltiness, there is no way to make it Salty again. It has become worthless so it is thrown out and people trample on it.

As the Scripture says, we are the “Salt” for the whole human race. What is the essence of a Salt? Why we need to become Salt for the human race?

We have our purpose here on Earth — It’s God’s purpose in us. We are the “arms and legs” of the Lord here on Earth. If we will not serve our purpose we are worthless. We need to act and move for His Kingdom.

Salt is very important in our daily living. It has many uses.

According to research, Salt has many uses.

68% – Induatrial Chemicals

12% – Water Conditioning

8% – Highway Deicing

6% – Agriculture

6% – Food Grade Salt

-Maldom Salt Company

With the many uses of Salt it has not been the main stream of the end result or product . It always be the producer or creator.

Like in food that we cook daily, it will never be tastiful or delicious if salt were not added, however once the food were cooked and delivers it as delicious, the cook were recognized for cooking a tastiful viand.

In life how are we able to serve as Salt for the whole human race?

We could be an influencer, encourager, teacher, or even a helper or assistant—think of how will you be able to make an IMPACT to a person’s life or touch their hearts, but always pointing to God to be glorified and NOT you.

One of the good quotes says, “it is not what you do, but it is how you touch other’s lives!” It is how you made them feel that resonates.

Like Salt — in many uses that salt has been used, it is always the end product or result that has resonated. It will always be the creator or producer of the end product. Likewise to us, it should always be our Abba Father who will be glorified.

Let us continue to love one another as the Lord’s second greatest commandment says, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself

Let us continue to touch other people’s lives and make a good impact to them, big or small it does matter!

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Author: iam Buena Estrella (IAMgoodstar🌟 Good News blog)

who am i? John Three Sixteen explains my faith. Proverbs Three Five and Six is my guiding principle in life. Romans Eight Twenty-Eight drives my motivation aptly. And Agape Love is my goal. i am... a Child of God. a Princess of the King. a Believer. a Christ Follower. His Beloved. His Royal Priesthood. Desiring God for His Utmost. a Wife to my Blessing- His wonder amazed me with my hubby. a Mother to my treasures ( two of His most precious). a Friend to someone who knows who am i and love them back the most. His Little ones' teacher and builder of faith. a Service Excellence and Leadership Coach an Amateur and Passionate Writer. Ukulele Enthusiast. Plays Guitar. Volleyball is my type of game.

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