The Power of Praise and Worship

Praise and worship serves as a powerful declaration of who God, the GREAT I AM, is, what Jesus Christ did in us and what He can and will do in our lives through the Holy Spirit!

With worship we tap into the very power of His presence as His Spirit inhabits our praises.

Healings happen through and during praise and worship physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Filling and renewing of empty hearts and weary spirits take place as we lift and magnify the name of the Lord and dwell into His presence.

Walls are utterly torn down.

Bondages and chains are overcome.

Stoned hearts are broken and made flesh.

Evil and darkness are cast out as our sovereign God is glorified through our lips, tongues, hands, hearts and spirits.

As we see and adore His beauty, He reveals Himself to us in whispers, visions and revelations.

That’s the power of praise and worship.

Call and proclaim the name of the LORD all you people! Lift up a sound of praise unto Him!


If you want to know more about the Lord Jesus Christ and how you can give Him the praise He truly deserves,  click here.




Photo credits from Hope SG Filipino Service


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i am who i am because of Jesus.
i am saved by His beautiful grace,
redeemed in His unfathomed mercy,
forgiven in His everlasting love.

Now i am living this life by His given faith,
through His amazing grace,
with the Holy Spirit’s guidance,
in His unfailing lovingkindness,
and all for God’s highest praise and glory.

i’ll always be His grateful daughter
and He will forever be my faithful, sovereign King.

Jeremiah 29:13 ❤️🙏☝️

#TimeSpentWithGodIsTime BestSpent

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