Testify, Magnify, Glorify

pathI see you in the beauty of the day
In every blade of grass
In the whisper of the breeze
The swaying of the trees
I see you in the blue of the sky
In the shapes the clouds make
They spell out Your name
They draw out Your face
They cry out Your majesty

I want to testify to Your goodness Lord
I want to magnify Your name
I want everyone to know
Everyone to sing
Everyone to glorify

Singing out, crying out, calling out to Your goodness
Every fiber of my being crying out for You

I want to fly, if I can, go straight to heaven

I close my eyes and everything fades away
Leaving only me and You

And I can’t help but cast my eyes down
I can’t look at You directly
But You take my hand in Yours
Enfold me in a warm embrace
And Your goodness overwhelms
And I feel strong, I feel whole
I feel healed
You raise me up, put a halo on my head
And I am like a child
Finding favor in my Father’s eyes

How I long to be near you Father
How I long to be in Your presence always
Without You I am nothing
With You I can be everything

September 26, 2009

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