The Spirit of Servanthood


These were my notes from a seminar in October 2009. These nuggets of wisdom are timeless, and are as valid now as they were back then.

* There should be a pleasant working relationship between all levels of leadership

* Always ask yourself: is your ministry for the Lord, or are you looking for the recognition of the people? Make sure that your service is pure and authentic before the Lord.

* True servanthood is manifested when you do the same thing you do in front of other people as you do when you are alone.

* We are righteous in God’s name, but our integrity can only be upheld by our own personal decision to do so.  Excellence and empowerment comes from the Lord, but we have to acknowledge this and receive it in our hearts, so that it will show up in our work, flow through our hands.

* When we are _secure_ in ourselves we are also effective as leaders; we become leaders who are able to impact and affect others. Insecurity brings about jealousy, anger, and dissatisfaction, which are all hindrances to our service.

* Leaders should know that they are not serving for the title, but for the glory of God.

* We should aim to be low-maintenance, high-impact leaders.

* Leaders should make an effort to grow in their ministry.

* It is more commendable to achieve something in a field which is not natural to us, rather than achieve something that we are so used to doing.  We should be open to the idea of going outside our comfort zone.

* Whoever aspires to be first shall become the last, and whoever is the last shall become the first.

* In whatever role you are in, make sure that you aim to be the best that you can be.

* Everyone has the opportunity to be used by God, but only those who receive Him and make the conscious decision to serve, and take their guidance from Him, will succeed in their service.

* Behind all our works, God is the one who is moving. It is His good work, done through our human hands, and so the glory is His alone.

* Sometimes some things get lost in the translation.

The nature of our ministry is to serve.
The motive of our ministry is love.
The measure of our ministry is sacrifice and submission.
The purpose of our ministry is for the glory of God.
The tools of our ministry are prayer and the Word.
The power of our ministry is the Holy Spirit.
The model of our ministry is Jesus Christ.

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