Grace in a flower in a crack in a pavement

I was walking down the street one day, a path I’ve walked many times before
and I happened to look down
and I saw this flower.
It was a delicate little thing,
white, with five petals, and burst of sunshine yellow in the middle.
It was growing though a crack in the pavement, its little leaves a perfect bed for this tiny bouquet in the middle of the road that is my regular walk.

And it made me think.
It reminded me that God, in His infinite greatness, with the reach of all His power and glory, and might
can still have the time to create this beautiful work of art.
He who made mountains, and waterfalls, and commands the waves and winds;
He who can make the sun to rise, the stars to fall, and the galaxies to spin and dance to His bidding;
He can still set aside some time to craft this intricate, exquisite work of art.

And more than that, more than that!
He made sure to put it in my path.
He made sure that I would see it at the right time,
that I would look down at the right moment,
so that He can present me with this tiny vision of perfection.

Grace in a flower in a crack in a pavement.
God is amazing.

And think about it.
If He can put this much attention to detail on a tiny flower in the middle of the road,
how much more love and care can He pour down on you?

Brothers and sisters, we are worth so much more to Him.
More than we can even begin to think.
More than we can imagine.
More than we will ever be able to understand.

God loves you.
He cares about you.
He thinks about you, even when you forget Him.
He cares about you, even when you reject Him.

Even as you fail to see the goodness that He has created in you
Even as you fail to see the perfection of His creation
Even as you fail to see the complete and absolute love that He has for you and for all men

Because those mountains, and waterfalls
The waves and winds and sun and stars and entire galaxies
He made them all for us
He made them for you and me
And everyday He makes it so that good things come our way
He moves heaven and earth
To make sure
There are flowers in our path

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