Failure: A positive note!

This is how┬á1 John 4:4┬ámanifests in our lives as Christians.”┬áThat greater is He who is in you than who is this world. ” We will overcome this┬áfailure┬áby running unto God; by relying unto Him; by trusting unto Him. That is how Great He is in us!

Ye are of God, my little children, and have overcome them: because greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.

1 John 4:4 ASV

Recently I am in the midst of trembling situation. I felt overwhelmed with all the deadlines or meeting timelines at work. This made me focus at work and de-focus on my spiritual life. However, I am aware of my situation, but my flesh tends to rely on results of my work then I will be at peace. This is me being human–afraid of failure.

At least most of us are afraid of failure. If we encountered failure, some of us tend to lose self-esteem. Some, tend to fluctuate their confidence. Some,  tend to be hiding. Stuck in one corner, even, do not want to come out. Felt ashamed. No face. As if being swallowed by the land.

Failure makes us trembling. Hearing someone is a failure, we belittle the person. People start to talk about that person and became a busy body on finding out why that person is a failure. In your workplace for an instance. A big project had been assigned to you.  If the result were not successful, despite efforts, hardwork, sweat-and-blood given, you are a failure. Failure. Failure. Failure

But why we fail? What is the measurement of failure?  You lose money in a business? You did not pass the exam? You did not finish your studies? You failed in your presentation and interview? You failed in your marriage? You failed in your relationships?  Because no good results were produced! And this how we measure it—This is reality in this world. We gauge it with results. 

Reading  1 John 4:4  had given me great leap of faith in facing failure in this world. That this word-trembling, sucking self-esteem — failure is actually a positive note for Christians. That when we look upon our situation and seems nothing could be done,  that is where we get down on our knees and pray to God. 

This were we started to rely, depend, trust unto God. We are only human. When things seems right. We are ‘ok’ with God. The feeling and relationship with Him is ‘ok’. But when things is bad, we are ‘best’ with God. We run to Him, we cry out loud unto Him and pleading unto Him for a help. The feeling is unexplainable when we are satisfied in His presence.

All along God is with us. This is where He will made His distinction between His people and of this world (Exodus 8:23a). Christians when seems failing; the instinct is to run to Him. 

This is how 1 John 4:4 manifests in our lives as Christians.” That greater is He who is in you than who is this world. ” We will overcome this failure by running unto God; by relying unto Him; by trusting unto Him. That is how Great He is in us!

All glory to God!­čĺ×



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Author: iam Buena Estrella (IAMgoodstar­čîč Good News blog)

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