A Mighty Mountain?

Again and again He will let me witness a miracle that will come to pass.  Even though by man’s eye it is impossible for my son to get an extension.  His hand will always lead us and an extension will be granted for him.

20170625_223708Zechariah 4:7

 “What are you, mighty mountain? Before Zerubbabel you will become level ground. Then he will bring out the capstone to shouts of ‘God bless it! God bless it”- NIV

Have you ever tried to climb a mountain?  During my teenage years there is  a time that mountain climbing became popular.  There are a lot of shops that opened to sell gears and accessories so that your mountain climbing will be at ease.  Groups and organization were formed to help and guide for your adventure.

It is supposed to be a thrilling adventure of our life.  For those who are beginners there will always be caution while doing the trek. But as they are nearing the mountain top the adrenalin will pump up.  They will be pushing harder as they experience muscle ache, breathlessness and fear sets in.

They might think of giving up and just settled to where they are at the moment.   But their leader  will encourage them to go on for there is feeling of accomplishment once you are at the top. There is a saying don’t give up, just focus on the goal!  And true enough for them it is a breathtaking moment when they witness  the beauty of God’s wonderful creation.
There will be a time in our life that we have to face and climb the mountain that is set before  us.

It was in March 2016 when the mountain that I must climb came to me.  My son and my husband’s application for Long Term visit pass was rejected by the Singapore Immigration.

I felt crushed and devastated and fear sets in  into my heart and mind.  I was confused and asking God why this thing happened? What will happen to my son if he will not be able to have a visa?  I cried and called my husband about the news as he was in the Philippines at that time.

Although he has given me encouragement and prayed with me I still feel fearful and devastated in my heart.  It was then that I cried out my heart to God ask for his peace to come upon me.

As our God is faithful he has given me peace in the midst of the turmoil that is before me.  I have asked for prayers from my spiritual family and they have given me their encouragement and support.  God has given me the wisdom to apply for an appeal on my application.   I obeyed Him and did a re appeal fully trusting Him that He will make a way.
The months of waiting has taught me to wait upon the Lord and fully trusting Him that He is in charge of the situation.  As He has shown me so many times everytime I need to go to the Immigration and get the visa extension for my son.

Again and again He will let me witness a miracle that will come to pass.  Even though by man’s eye it is impossible for my son to get an extension.  His hand will always lead us and an extension will be granted for him.
Throughout the time that I am seeking and depending on Him , God has led me to this verse in Zechariah 4:7.  And every time I will have my devotion I will speak out this verse over my situation. And indeed our God is a faithful God.  It was after 5 months of waiting that God has grant me the answer. He has moved the mountain before me.  I have gotten the approval for the visa approval for my son and my husband.
I truly praise God for his faithfulness and love for us. I am thankful that Jesus has called me to his loving arms. I have a personal relationship with Jesus that I know His voice that led me to obey and be encouraged.  He is faithful and a loving God.  He wants to prosper us not just materially but spiritually as well and have a future that is blessed.

I want to encourage you to accept Jesus in your life as your Lord and personal Saviour.  For He is a loving and faithful God.  His name is Emannuel, Our God is with Us. He is JESUS. He is offerring us SALVATION!

Author: iammomofthree (IAMgoodstar🌟 Good News blog)

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  1. Amen!
    Great article. Your testimony is an inspiration!

    Indeed, only to God, we can have the assurance that our fears will vanish as we draw near Him. He is faithful, forever faithful (Lam3.23). He is in our refuge. Whenever fear press in , know that we have the Great IAM, who guarded us, circumference.

    All glory to God!


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