Friendship is a Relationship!

Proverbs 17:17 – “A friend love at all times, a brother is born in adversity”
“Friendship should be the foundation of a long and sweet relationship. Just as who Jesus is to us. In no accident time, He found us. He want to offer friendship to us. If we will only give it a try to His offer. Our trust, our commitment and our faith will be fully developed, if we will take the offer of Friendship, He is offering us. Sooner or later, this friendship will become a RELATIONSHIP TO HIM!”

Proverbs 17:17 

A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity

There was a 9-year old girl playing upstairs of their house while the television was switched on. She was enjoying her game, while she played alone in the room.The television was tune in to a Christian TV program — ‘Jesus the Healer’, when the Pastor was about to pray a prayer of Salvation, he invited everyone in the congregation to pray after him, if they want a relationship with Jesus.

Suddenly the girl’s attention was caught when the Pastor was talking to the televiewers, “you, who is watching right now, Jesus loves you. He want to be a friend to you. He is giving you life. If you want to have a relationship with Him, please raise your hand as a sign of surrendering to Him and repeat a prayer after me.” 

In no moment, the girl was found in tears and repeating the prayer of Salvation. Eventhough, she did not understand what will be the impact in her life of uttering that prayer. She just followed and let herself flow in prayer from her heart and puzzled herself of what made her tears to welled up continuously.

Apparently, the girl grew up without much closed friends. Her mother was a dress-maker, accepting dress repairs and dress-to-make at home. Her father was working abroad since she was two years old. Literally, she did not grow-up with a father-figure, only with her 4 elder brothers, and two elder sisters, with much age-gap with her —and she, as the youngest — her feeling was, all eyes were on her.

She was only allowed to play with her cousins and some neighborhood children— only with her mom’s permission. When she started to give her trust to consider it as friendship to her closest cousin which was two years older than than her, she found out that her cousin was not giving reciprocal of it to her, but to the other child of her same age — she felt being betrayed.

With that, she was afraid of giving trust, and the so-called ‘friendship’ to anyone she would have acquainted with to play or even in the school and children church. It was difficult for her to establish friendship, because for her, friendship is a deep relationship. Thus, effortlove, faithfulness and trust is given — once broken, it cannot be whole again. Possible to be mended but will just leave a scar. Whenever she will try to give it a chance, it would always be a failure, there was always a betrayal.

Her primary days and secondary was not like any other children with friends. They were allowed to sleep over, watch movies together, mall strolling and laugh as loudest as they want. She were just ‘need to be’ contented  with her cousins, and once in -a- while , with their neighborhood playmates or would just be playing alone at home. Until on her last year in high school. She had found, a friend.

They have common denominators which drew them to be closed- — the same church they were attending, same spirits, same hobbies and sports (they love volleyball) and both of them were always be late in school. For as long as she could remember, most of the time of being late, they will knock on the gate of the school, calling the attention of the “manong guard”  to open it.😂

When the gate opened, the OIC Discipline would welcome them with a stern face, and usher them in the quadrangle of the school where all students meet for the morning assembly. Since flag ceremony was over, all students were inside their respective rooms. The late comers would have to do their flag ceremony.  One would be the conductor while singing the National Anthem, and one would lead the Pledge of the countrymen, even though only a few of them. It looks  funny, but they were ashamed at that point of time.

After the flag ceremony was over,  the OIC Discipline  would lead them to her office and will pass them one set (5 sheets) each of writing paper.  They had to write, “I will not be late anymore”. It should be written full and back-to-back. The fastest it has returned to the OIC Discipline, the fastest they would be released from the Discipline Office. 👮

The punishment was a sort of strictness, because it happened quite a number of times.😂 They did not learn from it huh! Li’l did they know that it’ll be the beginning of their friendship; and in no accident time.

After high school, she thought of, it would last their friendship from there and,  it will just become one of the good memories of her Alma Mater. Nevertheless, their friendship remain the same. They still see each other from time to time — Her friend was welcomed at home and likened by her siblings and mom. There are times that that they will sleep over at each other’s  houses. They laughed at each other’s dumbness on wrong decisions they’ve made. They gave advises to each other and tell each other’s secrets. It became more deeper as they  went through ‘thick & thin’ together with their  ‘worst experiences’ outside their Universities and in their personal lives, they choose to become Best Friends Forever (BFF).

This girl was, yours truly. 🙊

BFF since high school❤ BFF Didith (left)

We became BFF not because we like to become Best Friends. It has formed over a period of time. As we allowed ourselves to enter into each other’s life. We were tested through life experiences — we went through ‘ups and downs’. Trust has been established. Faith with each other has been developed.  Genuinely, we accepts  each other’s differences.  We know in ourselves, that there is someone who will support behind our backs. Our friendship were established because we allowed ourselves to give it a chance to be established, and is a relationship! 

Friendship should be the foundation of a long and sweet relationship.  Just as who Jesus is to us. In no accident time, He found us. He want to offer friendship to us. If we will only give it a try to His offer.  Our trust, our commitment and our faith will be fully developed, if we will take His offerring of Friendship. Sooner or later, this friendship will become a RELATIONSHIP TO HIM!

Like what He did to me, when He found me. I believe, it wasn’t any accident at all. He knew that I needed a friend and He offer me His friendship. He knew that I can fully give my trust, once friendship is developed. The only thing I did, was I allowed Him to enter into my life. In that simple following to that prayer the Pastor had uttered, was the beginning of our friendship, and it developed over a period of time, because I allowed Him to enter into my life. Now, I have a RELATIONSHIP with HIM. 


I believe, sometimes, you have this loneliness, sadness and feeling void in your life. Jesus is offering you a Friendship, now.  You are precious in His sight.

John 3:16 says,

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

God is offering us life through Jesus and this life is eternal as you believe. 

Romans 10:9-10 says,

 If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.  For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved.

If you want a friendship and have relationship with Jesus, just like mine,

please follow this short prayer from your heart…

Dear God,

Thank you for your Son, Jesus, who died on the cross  to wash away my sins.  He is the sacrificial lamb. I believe that you rose him from the dead. Father, please forgive me. I fully surrender my life to you from now on wards. Lord, save me, I pray. In Jesus’ name, amen! 

Hallelujah! If you have just prayed the Salvation prayer, you had made a great decision. Congratulations!

All glory to God!

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            1. Thanks, Jazz. 😊 i like the fact that how it could be related in our friendship with God, progressed. First when we met Him in our Salvation prayer– that is the friendship stage, then progressed to a relationship with Him. It will be strengthened and will be deepened over a period of time, as we ‘allowed’ Him to enter in our lives, and make Him journey with us through our ‘ups and downs’. God is our forever faithful friend.
              We only need to give Him a chance, open our hearts to Him, and give our TRUST. He is Omnipotent to support us all the way!
              And how we are secured in His hands.
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